Of Note This Week — Personal Finance Edition

by anna on September 3, 2010

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Here’s what is happening in the world of mommyblogging this week. Enjoy at your leisure, and don’t forget to check out the ABDPBT and ABDPBT Commodity Fetishism versions as well. If you have a link to suggest for next week, please email me at anna at abdpbt View definition in a new window dot com and I’ll check it out.

  • Do Fun Stuff, the album created by Ryan of Pacing The Panic Room, is holding steady at number two for kids’ albums on iTunes after a tremendously successful opening last week. Congrats, Ryan! Also, read about how he used his social network to launch it in his article about the launch for Fast Company. Meanwhile, I continue to listen to the album whether or not Mini is in the car. I am not telling you that to sell you the record. I’m just telling you that to forge a sense of false intimacy.
  • I’d be interested to hear what you guys think of this article predicting coming trends in the business of the mommyblogosphere for the next year. I have my own, but I’ll reserve them until everyone has had a chance to read the article.
  • After almost three weeks, How To Fire Your Ad Network & Start Making Money From Your Blog, my free ebook guide to selling private ads, has been downloaded over 500 times. I have no idea if that is a large number or not, since I have no frame of reference, but I’ve decided it sounds great, so thank you all so much for helping to spread the word. I hope people are finding it useful and will start trying out some of the advice in the weeks to come, as well as report back on how much success they are having.
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