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31. GapMagic

As a special promotion/sponsorship of the BlogHer 2010, Gap apparently provided professional stylists and clothing for some or all of the speakers at the conference. As a result, in the days and weeks approaching BlogHer 2010, tweets with the hashtag #GapMagic started appearing on twitter, which started to make people ask questions about just what #GapMagic was -- the suspicion being that it was yet another exclusive party that people were talking about on Twitter. When it was revealed that #GapMagic referred to the free clothes from Gap that speakers at BlogHer would be wearing, people began to joke that you would be able to tell who the five remaining people are who will not be speaking at BlogHer, because they will not be wearing clothes from The Gap (because there are so many panels at BlogHer, to clothe all of the speakers would be a large task indeed).

32. Gluten Free Girl

Gluten Free Girl, aka Shauna James Ahern, is a food blogger who writes a blog called Gluten-Free Girl and The Chef. She stopped eating gluten several years ago and feels her life has changed as a result, and now spends the bulk of her time converting regular recipes to gluten free and spreading the word about the wonders of living gluten free to other people with Celiac Disease worldwide.

Of more interest, though, to our purposes here, is the fact that Gluten Free Girl for some reason inspires the hatred of an unusual amount of people in the blogosphere, and in a perverse way has ensured her popularity as a blogger because of it. Though all bloggers of any kind of reknown end up with their detractors as part and parcel of the business, Gluten Free Girl is an example of how being a villain can actually work to one's own advantage in generating traffic in some cases.

The mystery of why Gluten Free Girl is so despised is not completely clear, though theories abound. She has been known to be passive aggressive and to dish out backhanded compliments. But it also may just be that people are overly fond of their gluten and don't take kindly to people who ask them to part with it.

See also: CWAA

33. hate site

This is the term mommybloggers use to describe sites that are set up to anonymously mock them or their sites. Examples include: Poop on Peeps, Trainwrecks, and The Takedown, all of which are now defunct.

34. Heather Armstrong

See: Dooce, Il Duce

35. Il Duce

Sometimes when I am feeling extra snarky I will refer to Dooce as Il Duce. Not only will it not show up on a Google alert, it gratifies my sick sense of humor to compare her (only in jest, only in jest!) to the Italian dictator, Benito Mussolini. THE TRAINS WILL RUN ON TIME!

See: Dooce, Maytag, bully, Sephoragate, Rough Day? Hugs!

36. integrity

The concept of having a consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations and outcomes -- an intuitive sense of honesty and truthfulness in regard to the motivations for one's actions, integrity is a quality so rare and ephemeral in the mommyblogosphere as to have inspired a whole phenomenology of its own. It is the stuff of dreams, legends, badges -- take a pledge, post a badge, perhaps you can compel some integrity of your own, comrades!

See also: Blog With Integrity, badges

37. interwebs

Just a silly technophobic way of referring to the internet.

38. jarndyce

This is a reference to the court case in Dickens' Bleak House that has been going on so long that nobody knows what it is about anymore. I also use it to refer to my own problems with the BlogHer Ad network, which I've compiled in a page for posterity here, in case you missed it in real time.

39. Jen Lancaster

A blogger and a successful author of several popular books of creative non-fiction. Jen Lancaster blogs at Jennsylvania, and her books include: Bitter is the New Black; Bright Lights, Big Ass; Such A Pretty Fat; Pretty in Plaid; and My Fair Lazy.

40. kthanxbai

This is one of those annoying LOLcats terms. I don't know why I use it. I don't really use it. I use it to make fun of the annoying people on Twitter who use it. I use it to make fun of them using it, thinking that they are being funny.

41. life list

A means of getting stuff for free in exchange for writing about it on your blog.

See also: Maggie Mason, Broad Summit

42. lime popsicle

This is the term for when you write a long post on one topic and then mention something kind of unrelated at the end, and a commenter fixates on that one unrelated thing and talks about it in their comment, thereby kind of negating the important part of your post. The derivation is from an unknown blogger, who said that she could write a long post about love and loss, and then mention a lime popsicle at the end, and then all anybody would talk about was the lime popsicle.

43. link bait

In the internet at large, linkbait is content that is interesting enough to capture attention and get them to place links to it from other websites. In the mommyblogosphere, linkbait is a pejorative for content that is thought to be causing trouble, or just trying to stir the pot, or pick a fight, or what have you. Although it might be used as a neutral or even good way outside of the mommyblogosphere, within it, linkbait is always bad, and always applied with disdain.

See also: linkbait taintface, attention seeking

44. linkbait taintface

One time I wrote a post about daddybloggers in which I made a reference to writers at MamaPop, a popular culture site, being unpaid. Apparently, I was wrong about this. Well, this caused some problems. So I went about investigating whether or not the writers at this site, MamaPop, were in fact paid or not, because I was getting conflicting stories. In the course of asking these questions, I was called a "linkbait taintface" by one of the writers for MamaPop, Ms. Karen Sugarpants. Though I'm not privy to the exact thinking behind her word choice, my guess is that it goes something like this: "linkbait" is a (usually derogatory) term used to refer to posts that are likely to get other bloggers to link to them in their own posts, either by being controversial or by calling out other bloggers or by being obnoxious or by causing a stir of some kind. By saying "linkbait," Sugarpants was saying that all I do is create posts for "linkbait," or to try to get traffic. As for taintface, well, if you don't know what the taint is, let's just say that I know what it taint.

You can see exactly where and how Ms Sugarpants makes her famous declaration in the comments to this post.

See also: MamaPop, MayoPie, MayoMeltdown of 2010, attention seeking, link bait, copyright issue, degradation ritual

45. Lunchables

In this context, and particularly when it appears with a Twitter hashtag, a reference to "Lunchables" is recalling the great Twitter party sabotage of May 2010 perpetrated by Jessica Gottlieb against Jyl Jonhson Patee (MomItForward.com) et al. Jyl Johnson Patee is one of the best known members of a group of mommybloggers who regularly host twitter parties on Tuesday nights as part of "Girls Night Out" (#gno), and these events are regularly hosted by large companies. Gottlieb sabotaged the party by tweeting things like "It's Munchausen by #Lunchables for people involved with #gno" and the like.

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