ABDPBT Glossary

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76. Sephoragate

The twitter hashtag I designed for the time when Dooce half-threatened Sephora with Maytag-style treatment on Twitter if they did not solve her pre-Christmas customer service woes.

See also: Maytag, Rough Day? Hugs!, Il Duce

77. Shauna James Ahern

See: Gluten Free Girl

78. sit down and have a beer

The offer made, via Twitter, in August of 2009, from Heather Armstrong to Jenny Lawson to settle the conflict of the mythical hobbit incident over alcohol at Dooce's expense. Note: technically, the offer was to "sit down and have a drink," but people have since referred to it as an offer of a beer, so that is usually how it is referenced. I do not know if Heather Armstrong and Jenny Lawson ever had a drink together, but I do know there was a formal apology made by Heather Armstrong.

See also: mythical hobbit, The Bloggess

79. sneeze page

A blog page that contains a list of previously written posts, arranged so as to encourage readers to peruse your archives. The term was introduced by Darren Rowse of ProBlogger, and though I could not find an explicit explanation for why he called it a "sneeze page," I have decided it must be because it allows the writer to pause and blow out a bunch of previously written crap. You can read more about sneeze pages and why you should use them here and here.

80. sparklecorn

The annual party thrown by MamaPop at the BlogHer conference, so named as if to compare the party to "teh awesome" that might be created by combining an effusion of sparkles with a unicorn. The first sparklecorn party, at Blogher 2009, featured a much talked-about cake in the shape of a unicorn, and afterwords much was made about "weeping from the awesome."

In July 2010, it was revealed that the Sparklecorn (specifically, the Sparklecorn that is being used in all of the posters and badges for the Sparklecorn party for Blogher 2010) was a creation of Mike Monteiro (@Mike_FTW on Twitter). The response to the claim from Monteiro from Sweetney was to ask if he had a copyright or not. Monteiro then issued a cease and desist via Twitter with blingy lips attached:

See also: MamaPop, unicorn cake, weeping from the awesome, linkbait taintface, copyright issue, degradation ritual

81. suck it

A reference to "suck it" or "telling somebody to suck it" in close proximity to Dooce or Heather Armstrong is recalling the great White House Forum On Workplace Flexibility Forum Debacle of March 2010. What happened was that Heather Armstrong was invited by the White House to go to the White House for a Forum on Workplace Flexibility and a few people in the mommyblogosphere -- most notably me, Jonniker, and Sundry had the audacity to suggest on Twitter one day that perhaps she did not have experience with that particular topic and that perhaps there were other people who might know more, only because she works from home with her husband and an assistant and one child in school, and does not have to deal with an employer who doesn't understand that a kid is sick, etc. (I may have been a little bit ruder than the other two with my jokes on Twitter.)

This resulted in the three of us being told to "suck it" by Dooce in a post on her blog (we were not named individually, though, thank the lord). She later showed good humor by making a joke about it in the comment section here on ABDPBT, and just like that, the mommyblogosphere was healed.

82. swag

The term for free stuff you get at conferences or events from sponsors. Thought to stand for stuff we all get. With a few exceptions, most of it is crap.

See also: swaghags, Croctomom

83. swaghags

At BlogHer 2009, there were widespread rumors of fights breaking out over the best swag at parties. Though I attended BlogHer 2009, I never personally witnessed any of these fights myself. However, I have since heard from some credible sources that these fights did occur, and so I'm reluctantly forced to believe that some fights must have occurred, despite my tendency to suspect that accounts such as this one, in which Amalah's baby is elbowed in the face, tend toward the hyperbolic end of the spectrum. By the end of the weekend, the nameless, faceless mommybloggers who were fighting over swag were named #swaghags on Twitter and maligned as the blight of BlogHer 2009.

See also: swag, Croctomom

84. sweet tea

If Heather Armstrong ever moves to Los Angeles, she claims she is going to ask me over for sweet tea. And I am totally going to hold her to that promise.

85. Sweetney

Tracey Gaughran-Perez, a blogger who writes at Sweetney.com, and co-founder, owner and editor-in-chief of MamaPop.com. Officially, she takes no interest in me. Unofficially, it is my impression that she does not like me very much.

86. The Bloggess

Jenny Lawson, a blogger who writes the popular blog www.TheBloggess.com. She also writes columns for the Houston Chronicle, Sexis Magazine, and PNN.

87. The Takedown

A now-defunct "hate site" written by a blogger known as Lilith who satirized several different bloggers, including the usual suspects, but with a particular affection for Gluten Free Girl.

See also: hate site, Gluten Free Girl

88. this changes everything

When Apple used this as the slogan for the iPhone 4, we knew that they had completely broken the bounds of blowhardry. Because, um, no it doesn't. And, also, not for the better.

89. tiers

A set of groups into which blogs are organized by (usually) traffic size by advertising networks. This helps networks ration out ads according to traffic level and control how many ads at different pay rates go to which sites on the network at any given time. It also can help them send more paid ads or premium ads to a preferred site, or less premium ads to a lesser site on the network, if they wanted to use it that way. Tiers are used by most, if not all, online advertising networks, but not in the same ways. However, none of the advertising networks are likely to discuss them publicly.

90. Tracey Gaughran-Perez

See: Sweetney

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