ABDPBT Glossary

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91. Trainwrecks

An anonymous hate site that was shut down before I started blogging, so I never read it. What I have heard is that it was more intelligent than Poop On Peeps, but that it also could be vicious.

92. transparency

Shortly before the FTC enacted guidelines for bloggers disclosing relationships between themselves and sponsors, "transparency" became the buzzword of choice in the mommyblogosphere. During that time, Twitter streams suggested that transparency was the important thing for which to strive in all relations -- do what you want, but disclose, disclose, disclose!

93. troll

In the internet at large, this is a term that is used for an anonymous commenter who comes by a site specifically to cause problems, stir up trouble, pick a fight, cause discord among the usual commenters. Trolls are not usually part of the communities in which they comment, and a large group of them hang out around an online community called 4chan.

In the mommyblogging community, depending on who is using the term, a "troll" can be anybody who does not agree with what you are saying or who does not like you.

94. trust capital

Trust capital is my term for a special form of social capital that develops from the trust that readers develop over time from reading your work on a blog. It's what allows you to sell ad space or monetize a blog, have content sponsored, etc., but it has to be balanced like a checkbook, and can be affected by all kinds of things you do in the blogosphere, including controversies, bad behavior, et cetera. Read more here.

95. unfollow threat

This is a threat made by a follower of somebody on Twitter to "unfollow," or stop reading their tweets, because of something they have said or done that they find offensive. In a larger sense, the unfollow threat is also to "unfollow" the person completely -- i.e. stop reading their blog, stop buying their books, stop attending conferences where they are speaking, stop watching them on any kind of TV appearances they might be making. Usually the unfollow threat is made from a "smaller" person to a "larger" person, i.e. from somebody who is "unknown" to a big time, well-known blogger. So you will see somebody you have not heard of before giving the unfollow threat to Dooce, for example.

96. unicorn cake

A cake in the shape of a unicorn, as was bought for the inaugural MamaPop Sparklecorn party at the BlogHer Conference of 2009.

See also: MamaPop, weeping from the awesome, sparklecorn, linkbait taintface, copyright issue, degradation ritual


The United Simpleminded Douchebag Liberation Front is an organization of fluid membership, open to all those people who piss me off at any given time. There are a few charter members who never change, though, the identities of which I must keep a secret, lest I unwittingly jeopardize the safety of their douchebaggery.

98. velvet rope

When I talk about velvet rope, it is usually in reference to a whiny, ranty, kind of flying off the handle post I wrote about the MamaPop Sparklecorn party at BlogHer 2009. Though I stand by the points I made about elitism and degradation rituals I made in that post, in retrospect it's obvious that I could have made the same points with a little less charged language. On the other hand, history has also demonstrated to me that it probably would not have mattered much in the end if the wording had been different, because it has been my observation criticism in that quarter is not tolerated particularly well, regardless of how it is worded. At any rate, the velvet rope post is probably the one that sealed the deal for my long standing feud with the management of MamaPop, though I have no personal problem with the site or its writers as such.

See also: MamaPop, Sweetney, unicorn cake, sparklecorn, linkbait taintface, copyright issue, degradation ritual, weeping from the awesome

99. weeping from the awesome

What happens when something is so great that you are overcome with how wonderful it is that you don't know what to do with yourself. Like, say, after experiencing the joy of natural childbirth. Or, if you throw a party at a blogging conference and buy a unicorn shaped cake for it, and then you come back from the conference and talk about it on Twitter for days as if it was the greatest thing that anybody has ever experienced since the beginning of time.

See also: MamaPop, Sweetney, unicorn cake, sparklecorn, linkbait taintface, copyright issue, degradation ritual

100. Yummie Tummie

This is a brand of camisole that combines a regular cotton top with a shapewear spandex panel bottom that is supposed to serve as kind of a control top for your postpartum belly without screaming "control top." The brand has done a lot of work in social media, including some shrewd sponsorship of highly visible bloggers around the time of the BlogHer Conference of 2009 which resulted in several mentions of Yummie Tummies on Twitter. I do not know what the compensation terms of these mentions were -- or indeed, if there was any compensation -- but I do know that, thanks to those tweets, I will always associate Yummie Tummie with the overindugences of the BlogHer 2009 conference.

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