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A reference to Maytag made by any mommyblogger from now until the end of time ought never be dismissed as just another humdrum brand mention, but must always be read in its historical contextual relationship to Heather Armstrong's directive, in August of 2009, via Twitter, to her 1.6 million followers to NOT BUY MAYTAG. My summary of the social media happening, which came as the result of combining a broken (brand new) washing machine with a (brand new) baby at the Armstrong house and some (possibly) questionable customer service is here.

Heather Armstrong received mixed reviews for her use of Twitter as a means of getting her washing machine fixed, given the fact that her unusually large readership has elevated her beyond a typical mommyblogger complaining to a few friends on social media about a broken appliance. Would Oprah complain about a broken appliance on Twitter? people wondered? Many people used this incident as an example of Armstrong's rumored "bullying" behavior on the internet, despite the fact that it was a large multinational corporation involved. She did, however, manage to get her washer fixed. She also managed to get some washing machines donated to a shelter -- at the suggestion of Maria Melee (Then @mommymelee, and now @mariamelee on Twitter) -- because of all the publicity involved. The washing machines were donated by Bosch, though, not by Maytag. Which is weird.

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