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ABDPBT View definition in a new window Personal Finance began as a typical personal finance blog.

Initially, I shared stories about my financial organizing skills and my experience with getting out of debt, setting up a separate blog for these financial posts because I wanted to spare the regular readers of my personal blog, ABDPBT, the tedium that often goes along with posts about money. Alongside documenting my efforts at living a more financially prudent lifestyle, I endeavored to ensconce myself in the personal financial blogosphere, reading and commenting on some blogs that I found interesting, and more that I found absurd and infuriating.

Despite being featured in Forbes, MSN Money, and The Wall Street Journal during my first year and a half of blogging about money, it became clear to me that straight-up personal finance was not my niche.

I realized that as time went by my posts were becoming more concerned with the topic of my own business endeavors. I became far more interested in documenting the journey I was taking as an entrepreneurial blogger, as well as an experimenter in the wacky-yet-profitable world of mommy blogs.

At some point, I decided to stop fighting the urge to write about the monetization of blogs and the various disputes that arise when money is injected into a sphere that started out as just a hobby. This is where my interest lies: who is making money in the blogosphere, and how are they doing it? What different ways of monetizing blogs and/or making money as a result of blogging have been attempted? Who is successful at this, and why? What are the politics involved in these endeavors? How have people managed to make a business out of something that the general public perceives to be idly frivolous? What kind of backlash is involved in the monetization of a hobby and/or the depiction of life on a screen? Where does a corporation that wants to get involved with the mommy blogosphere start? Who are the bloggers that companies should be working with, and why? And, most important of all: how does the newcomer attempting to navigate without any kind of road map manage to come out the other end with a successful brand or brand partnership?

And so, the story of ABDPBT Personal Finance became about answering those questions.

Over the course of the past few years, I have become totally immersed in the world of mommy blogging as a business. As a mommy blogger of sorts myself, I attend all of the major conferences and keep abreast of all of the latest issues and disputes. It is my goal to report on these events and happenings with a critical, but benevolent eye. The business end of parenting blogging is a topic I find endlessly interesting and ordinarily amusing. I hope you will feel the same. And if you don’t, I cordially invite you to get lost.

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