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Here’s the deal: the world doesn’t need any more blog consultants. You know this, I know this, everyone knows this. The words “social media expert” have become so overused that putting it on your Twitter profile almost enough to mark yourself as a spambot. Nevertheless, there are some cases where it might be worthwhile to hire a consultant to help you with your business. And since I’ve somehow found myself in the business of blog consulting, I thought I would answer some questions about who should and should not be paying money for help with their social media ventures, in my opinion.

You should consider hiring a blog consultant if:

1. You are a small (or big) business who wants to know how to reach the right mom bloggers.

There is a lot of money being haphazardly thrown at mommybloggers right now in the form of Twitter parties, blanket marketing campaigns through ad networks, and giveaways. These campaigns appear cheap and cheesy on the blogger side and yet cost thousands of dollars on the brand side. There’s a really simple explanation for this — the people in the middle are often not very intelligent and, even when they are, they still take most of the money.

The key to a decent social media campaign is a disinterested consultant who can look at your brand and tell you who is a good match for your brand and why you should be working with them, as well as how to approach them (including how much money you should offer them for a deal) if you want them to take an offer from you. You cannot get this from an ad network, because they are feeding the same seven or eight bloggers every time. You need to hire somebody (either in house or somebody who is already a part of the community) to tell you who to approach and how to get them to work with you. This is a cheaper and smarter way to work, and it is the manner that is already employed by the smarter PR firms that work in this space (and for which they take a huge commission).

Hiring a blog consultant who can offer that service is worth the extra time and effort, and will probably save you thousands even in the short term.

2. You are a blogger who is willing to do whatever it takes to get to the next level, and who has exhausted all other resources at your disposal for growing your platform.

Here’s the thing with consultants: regardless of what they tell you, there are no magic pills that lead to traffic growth. You can show people patterns and tendencies in the people who have found success, and make suggestions, but the truth is that nobody has total control over the trajectory their blog career will take. You may set out to become a blogger who is popular enough to make a full time income on display ad income alone, but this might not ever happen for you — and all the consultants in the world are not going to change that.

Similarly, if you are not ready to hear constructive criticism and dig in and do work, there’s no reason to hire a consultant. A good consultant is paid to look at your business and figure out what is wrong with it — there is a good chance that this will not be a pleasant process for you, particularly if you have a personal blog. Are you ready for this? Are you ready to pay for somebody to do this? Then go ahead and hire a blog consultant.

Hey everybody, we’ve got a new featured blogger ad up and running! Please check out Mel’s ad for A Broken Compass in the sidebar ASAP! If you’d like to participate in the ABDPBT View definition in a new window Featured Bloggers Program, please email me and I’ll put you on the waiting list.

Well, friends, after all this time, it’s finally here! The much-anticipated, completely free, much-hyped ABDPBT View definition in a new window guide to selling advertising on your blog, How To Fire Your Ad Network & Start Making Money From Your Blog is done! Finally! I know! I know! It took me forever to finish it. That’s because I didn’t want it to be a piece of schlock. Read below for everything you need to know about the ebook and how to get it (don’t worry, it’s not very much).

  1. The ebook is framed around how I was, um, let go by my former ad network, and how this ended up being the best thing that happened to my blog, financially speaking. It shows you how you can have a similar experience with your own blog. If your results are anything like mine, you could be making as much as three times more by selling private ads on your own as you do through network ads, or through a combination of network ads and private ads.
  2. The book is designed to help bloggers who are currently using an advertising network, or thinking about using one, or people who have ever thought about starting a blog, and maybe one day using an advertising network to monetize their website. It also might help advertising networks who do not want to act like douchebags, or bloggers who are into different ideas or experimental concepts for monetizing their blogs.
  3. Things that you will learn include: step-by-step instructions to selling private ads, including how to find potential advertisers, how to pitch them, how to close the deal, and how to invoice them; what techniques are best to use to sell advertising space on blogs with smaller traffic numbers; when it’s a good time to start selling space on a blog; what the small blog’s best weapon is in closing a deal with an advertiser; and how to avoid getting ripped off.
  4. The ebook is totally free to download, and you don’t need to give me your email address or anything like that to get it. Just download it.

Click here to download

(Free PDF — you will need to update to the most recent version of Adobe Reader)

Please let me know I’m on the right track by leaving a comment below or writing me an email (anna at abdpbt dot com).

Help spread the word about the ebook. It’s free, so please pass it on to anyone and everyone whom you think might find it useful. Or, please use the buttons below to share on your social media outlet of choice.

Thank you! I cannot wait to hear that you, too, have fired your ad network!

Introducing The ABDPBT Glossary

by anna on June 30, 2010

Thanks to the excellent suggestion of Kate, one of my illustrious lurkers, I have added an ABDPBT Glossary page for the edification of those readers who might be less versed in the goings on of the mommyblogosphere. The idea behind the glossary is that, perhaps, we can expand the appeal of this blog beyond the usual suspects by allowing people to understand the kind of oblique references I make in my posts by allowing everyoneto look up key terms instead of having to google furiously and come up dry for the various wink/nudge things with which I often pepper my writing. Incidentally, sometimes I put wink/nudge things in my posts that are a combination of things or variations of things that actually happened — in those cases, you won’t be able to find an actual glossary reference because I am utilizing that literary technique that is a hallmark of the mommy blogger genre (hyperbole) to make a point. However, wherever possible, I will try to add references either within the posts themselves, or at the end of the posts, for those of you who want to try to figure out the references.

At present, there are like, two terms in it. But I plan to add to it constantly. Please feel free to offer suggestions on what terms I should add, either in comments, or by email. I think the more you can do this, the better, because I will definitely overlook things that need to be explained.

UPDATE: I just noticed that the links don’t show up in the RSS feeds, so this is something that only works while you’re on the site itself. That’s definitely not ideal, but you can always go to the direct link to the glossary page itself, which is here. I will continue to look for better options for glossary plugins in the meantime.

Glossary terms: masterstroke View definition in a new window, linkbait taintface View definition in a new window, OMG Ponies View definition in a new window

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