ABDPBT Consulting: You Know — Hire Me If You Feel Like It.

Ugggh. Do we need any more social media consultants?

I feel like there are already eight and a half million “experts” out there hawking their wares, and I really don’t have a lot of desire to join their extremely dubious ranks promising you fame and fortune on the internet. However, now that I have been approached enough times behind the scenes by my own readers and by referrals from other bloggers, it has occurred to me that perhaps to not offer a consulting service is shooting myself in the foot.

Here’s the deal: I’m not a tech guru or a marketing star. I am mostly self-taught in everything to do with blogging. I started this blog in the middle of 2008 with a limited background in HTML and zero contacts in the internet world and now (roughly two and a half years later), it is a fairly well known blog within its niche, with a loyal readership and a growing traffic base that is beyond what most people in this niche ever reach. That experience has given me something of an edge in helping new bloggers because I understand what it means to have to build up a blog audience in a social media environment that is different from, say, the conditions as they were before 2006. The market we are working in changes constantly, and because I’m still in the thick of things, I have a handle on the challenges facing newer bloggers today.

I would say that I have a unusual influence over the community in which I work — but more importantly, I think that I understand the community in which I work pretty well because I observe it very closely day in and day out. I feel pretty confident in saying there is nobody who knows this niche — mommyblogging — like I do, and I feel equally confident in saying that there is nobody in this niche (and, indeed, possibly the rest of the blogosphere) whose critical eye is as sharply tuned as mine.

If you are a blogger looking for a blog consultant who can help you fine tune your blog (e.g. what topic you should focus on, figure out what aspects of your blog are working, and which ones are not, what product or subcategory is likely to be a money maker or not, or if somebody else is already doing what you are thinking of doing, etc.), I am likely to be able to help you.

If you are a brand, looking to reach mommy bloggers but are not quite sure how to do it (e.g. with whom should you work? what kinds of campaigns tend to work well and what kinds don’t? Who exactly would be a good choice for your product? How exactly should go about approaching them? About how much money you should be prepared to offer them as compensation?), I can help you with these goals as well.

Interested? Great! Please email me for an appointment.


“In her consultation, Anna provided me with an invaluable critical look at my blog–from the smallest technical details all the way up to the big picture branding ideas–that has given me real, workable ideas on how to take my blog to the next level. Her analytical eye allowed me to see my blog as readers might see it, allowing me a perspective that many bloggers don’t have. I was able to implement some of her suggestions immediately, while others have opened up new paths for growth in the future.” — Ginger, Ramble Ramble

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